Lead Generation for different Campaigns

BUCHI is a world-leading supplier of laboratory technology solutions for research and development, quality assurance, and production for various industries, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food & feed, beverage, environmental analysis, and academia.

What started as a craftsman’s workshop over 80 years ago has grown into a global glass, mechatronics, and technology company offering fully automated laboratory technology solutions, proprietary software, and application expertise. BUCHI’s high-quality laboratory instruments are manufactured to exacting standards using streamlined processes. The company’s headquarters are in Eastern Switzerland with R&D, production, sales and service facilities worldwide.

Los retos


Understand well the different products that Büchi offers in order to carry out good commercial prospecting


Effectively organize the different campaigns in the appropriate sectors to obtain the maximum possible leads

It’s an exciting challenge to collaborate with Büchi in their quest to establish valuable connections with new corporations. At Comadi, we understand the complexity involved in arranging meetings and generating qualified leads with organizations from various industrial sectors.

Despite the inherent challenges in communicating with such companies, we approach each obstacle with determination and creativity. We deploy meticulous strategies and a personalized approach to adapt to the needs and preferences of each potential Büchi client. Our commitment to excellence drives us to overcome communication barriers, and with pride, we can say that we have generated many opportunities, several of which have resulted in significant sales.

This commercial prospecting has not only opened new business opportunities for Büchi but has also strengthened their position as leaders in laboratory technological solutions. At Comadi, we will continue working hand in hand with Büchi to keep building bridges of effective communication with companies and support their continued growth and success.



Establishing a trusting relationship with various counterparts at Büchi is crucial for carrying out the collaboration successfully.


Adapting the sales pitch to each sector is essential since they require different solutions.


Effective management of the database to avoid missing out on sales opportunities that arise during different campaigns.

Equipo implicado


Sales Development Representative (SDR)


Market Research


Sales Consultant


Account Manager

Resultados tras: 4 years

2500 companies reached

8000 calls

1500 conversations

150 SQL (Sales Qualified Leads)


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